Awnings can add double, if not triple the space to your caravan or campervan. We fit Fiamma Awnings which are popular among the VW Community and supply the full range of Vango Awnings. Fiamma Awnings fit to the side of your vehicle and wind out to create a canopy. These are ideal for quick overnight stops as they require little effort and time to use.

Vango make a range of Awnings specifically for the VW T4/T5/T6 including their famous Airbeam range. These are inflatable awnings that you can attach to the side of your van using an awning rail (other methods also available) and pump up. They also make poled awnings and have a wide range of tents and accessories that we also stock.

Please get in touch for competitive prices of the Vango Awnings, Tents and Accessories.


  • Fiamma F45s White £470
  • Fiamma F45s Black £520
  • LWB Fiamma Awnings + £50
  • Vango Idris II £400
  • Vango Kela III Low (T4/T5/T6) £500
  • Vango Kela III Std £520
  • Vango Kela III XL £720
  • Vango Kela III DLX £730
  • Vango Awning Bedrooms £50

Many many more Vango Awnings, Tents and Accessories available. Please get in touch on 07871052424 or for prices.

We also fit a full length, one piece alluminium awning rail for £55 for the Reimo Multi Rail for £240.

All prices include VAT.

Fiamma F45s Awning for VW T4 T5 T6 SWB LWB